Are you thinking about having Hypnotherapy?

A lot of people wait for some kind of problem to appear before they think about hypnotherapy. Maybe you have a fear or phobia or an unwanted habit that is getting in your way of enjoying life?  Or perhaps it is a feeling, like anxiety, that you’ve had for some time now and it seems to be getting worse?

But maybe you don’t have a significant problem that you need to deal with right now, could hypnotherapy still be beneficial to you?  Well, just imagine for a moment, a better version of yourself – this ‘you’ is being, doing and achieving everything you want in your life – right now, what’s stopping you from being the ‘you’ that you dream about being?

If you have you ever caught yourself thinking ‘I wish I was a bit more confident, less nervous, healthier, fitter, slimmer, more positive  etc…..’ or maybe you are just feeling a bit less than your best, not quite yourself, feeling ‘not good enough’, or you really don’t feel good about yourself at all; hypnotherapy can be really helpful to you too.

Hypnotherapy can remove those subconscious blocks that are getting in your way, dragging you down, holding you back; the negative thinking, those niggling self-doubts that you might be carrying perhaps from somewhere in your past.

Hypnotherapy can be life-enhancing and life-changing and it is a great way to:
Reduce and control anxiety & stress
Increase your confidence, your self-esteem and your self-worth
Get rid of those limiting thoughts and beliefs that you may be holding about yourself
Get rid of those unwanted habits that you’ve tried to stop e.g. stop smoking for good, reduce your alcohol consumption, reduce your sugar intake
Reduce and remove fears & phobias

And have you ever thought how hypnotherapy could help you cope better with some of life’s more challenging situations?  Times when you feel nervous, anxious, worried, or afraid or perhaps you need a confidence boost and you just want to feel more in control ………..
Taking exams and tests
Going for a job interview, making a presentation, speaking in public
separation, divorce, relationship break up or children leaving home
loss, redundancy, losing your job, retiring
life changes e.g. leaving home, going through the menopause, reaching ‘mid-life’
Coping better as a victim of crime, or bullying
Coping better with a worrying medical diagnosis or prognosis

When life brings you challenges hypnotherapy can help you get back on your feet, helping you to see the opportunities in even the most difficult situations, and helping you to make positive, lasting changes. Hypnotherapy can help you become more the person you want to be, it can help you to thrive again.
So when you are ready to make that change or if you just want to explore how hypnotherapy could help you, please contact me…….