Treatments & Fees


reduce stress & anxiety

control habits, addictive behaviour

stop smoking

lose weight

reduce sugar

control alcohol

Life Events

  • managing change

  • coping with loss

  • life after break ups

  • moving on with confidence


  • believe in yourself

  • building self-esteem

  • empowering victims of bullying

  • boost your confidence

  • success in exams, tests, interviews


  • healing and recovery

  • remove fears and phobias

  • recovery for crime victims

  • life after illness, surgery, accident

  • dealing with worrying news

Some treatments may only need one hypnotherapy session to achieve the results that you want and others may take more, I will discuss an outline treatment plan with you at your introductory consultation. 
Introductory consultation £35 (up to 1 1/4 hrs)
Further hypnotherapy treatment sessions  £75 (up to 1 hr) 


16yrs to 18yrs olds, Adults in full-time education and Senior Citizens:

Introductory consultation £25 (up to 1 1/4 hrs)

and further hypnotherapy treatment sessions (up to 1 hr) £65

Stop Smoking become a non-smoker: complete treatment package £180
This includes an introductory consultation, 2 hr treatment session, recordings to use at home, and a follow-up booster session if you want it. Any additional sessions are at the regular rate of £65 or £75.