A testimonial, from a teacher:


“A year ago I had never experienced or even considered hypnotherapy as a way of boosting my confidence and performance at work, but offered a free taster session with Jill, I thought I had nothing to lose and gave it a go. An OFSTED inspection was due and I knew how nervous I felt during the last visit. I felt sure that my nerves badly affected my ability to think straight and teach well and a boost of self-confidence would not go amiss.

Jill’s hypnotherapy treatment made me feel extremely relaxed and the recording that she sent me allowed me to continue her relaxation techniques at home. Fast forward a year and the dreaded inspector knocked at the door. Now, I’m not sure if the hypnotherapy was to thank for a much less stressful OFSTED experience, but I definitely felt calmer and more confident in my ability to teach well under scrutiny and present my achievements with pride. I would certainly consider hypnotherapy again to steady my nerves and improve my self-confidence. Thank you Jill”   (Jacqui 30.9.2018)