You Are Good Enough

Do you treat yourself to the occasional beauty treatment? Perhaps a facial or a relaxing massage, a new hairstyle, or nail treatment?

How good does that make you feel, would you say it’s a worthwhile investment?

What about your car? How well do you look after that? Do you get it serviced regularly so that you know you can rely on it, you can trust that it’s going to run smoothly for you?

Have you ever watched any of those TV programmes about ‘hoarders’ where people are given support from their family and friends to declutter their extremely cluttered homes? Or maybe you have done some decluttering yourself and you have felt the benefits of freeing up your physical environment and creating a cleaner, calmer and tranquil space where you can relax and be yourself again. It’s very easy to let the clutter build up without noticing it. Decluttering or removing unnecessary or unwanted things from your home or office brings surprising health benefits.

The mental health benefits are significant, after decluttering people experience less anxiety and stress, more confidence and an increased feeling of general well-being including better sleep. Subconsciously, it feels like you are providing yourself with a higher level of ‘self-care’.

Decluttering also removes dust, bacteria and toxins from the air; it can help improve allergy symptoms and your overall physical health. People invest time and money in decluttering their environments to make themselves feel good.

Why am I talking about decluttering and investing in taking care of yourself?

Because I want to tell you about a hypnotherapy treatment to clear away unwanted self-doubts and negative self-beliefs that are cluttering up your subconscious mind and stopping you from being the person that you want to be, leading the life you want to live. Clutter that is unconsciously making you feel not quite good enough, and just like the clutter in your home, this clutter has been piling up without you even noticing.

You may have been feeling ‘I wish I was just a bit more confident, a bit healthier, fitter, slimmer, happier with myself, maybe a bit more positive….or perhaps you would just like to stop feeling ‘a bit less than your best’ ‘not quite yourself’ ‘just not good enough’. Or you may not even be aware that you have these feelings but you’ve stopped yourself doing things, or maybe avoided situations because of these self-doubts that you are carrying.

Hypnotherapy will enable you to release or let go of any self-doubts and negative self-beliefs that you have held on to allowing you to move forward with confidence and positive self-belief so that you can feel really good about yourself again. This is a safe and gentle therapy that does not require you to relive the negative feelings from your past. You can expect to feel very relaxed, more confident, less anxious and less stressed, with a general feeling of improved well-being.

You are more than good enough……

Hypnotherapy to help you feel really good about yourself again - contact me to find out how hypnotherapy might help you.

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